MS Namida

At Namida, we’re all on the same boat and many hands are required to keep our vessel steady and its sails full. At our game studio in Oulu, we have managers, designers, artists, writers, coders, and coordinators working hand in hand to reach new worlds. At the helm stands our esteemed captain, Daniel, with his hands wrapped firmly around the steering wheel. Occasionally, capable crew members are recruited and welcomed to climb aboard. Sometimes, even ships may join forces to ride the tide together. This autumn, we got the privilege to witness such a grand event.

Namida Games merged with Helsinki-based Playforia and Poppaa Entertainment from Tampere to form a new company, Namida Diamond Factory. In this new powerhouse, the constant hunger for development and growth shakes hands with the wisdom and know-how of an seasoned veteran enterprise and an edgy, likewise able company.

Captain Daniel continues to guide the way for our growing armada through still and storm as the new CEO of Namida Diamond Factory.

Playforia + Namida Games + Poppaa Entertainment = Namida Diamond Factory

“Yarr, this partnership allows us to take on great waves many small ships could not hope to surf on. For my part, it is a pleasure and honor to step into my role as the Chief Executive Officer of our new flagship. My first task will be to unite these fine crews and sailors and break down walls hindering the flow of information”, he says followed by a roar of approvals.