Namida Brand Launch Gala

Namida Brand Launch Party photos-11

Loaded with fresh energy, our rocking tribe will be the game changer of the game industry and publish all brilliant games.

The merger of three Finnish game companies into Namida Diamond Factory created a desire for a clear image, a brand onto which base our operations. It is adamant to us that we do not aim to be the next Apple or Supercell – we want to be the next NAMIDA. Before we even published our first game, we crafted the values that mirror our own image. After the Finnish soft launch of the action-blaster Battle Buzz, it was time to officially launch our own brand.

On Friday the 11th of December 2015, we held the Brand Launch Gala at Ravintola Teatteri in Helsinki, Finland. The gala event embodied all the characteristics of a high-class Hollywood ball: Stylish entrances, classy people, inspiring speeches and merry networking. We felt it important that the gala would leave a lasting memory to all the people present. A true reward after months of hard work and a clear signal to everyone that we mean business.

Exclusive videos of the Brand Launch Gala can be watched through Namida’s official YouTube Channel.

Keynote speakers of the gala included Namida’s CEO Daniel Rantala and RNG MEDIA’s Rami Jaber. Rantala explained Namida’s journey from a small Oulu-based startup to a Finnish game industry giant that now employs over 40 people in three different cities. He then continued to introduce Battle Buzz and shared new footage on our two upcoming games.

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The luxurious Poker Fortunes is set out to be the next step in online poker, a game in which the player can truly feel what it’s like to be a world-class superstar poker player. Story-driven 3D runner Spiralways puts the player in the role of Eve, the embodiment of the first story ever told. Eve’s mythological tale will be as captivating as her world is beautiful. We’re currently developing and polishing the games for an early 2016 launch.

Next, Jaber delved into his latest film project titled Fate. The film will be a thrilling sequel to his previous short film 2 Hours 2 Vegas. The upcoming film is made in cooperation with Namida and will be closely tied to Poker Fortunes. The audience received a special sneak peek of the production and seeing all that action first hand left us hungry for more.

Namida Brand Launch Party photos-26

To sum everything up, we at Namida are extremely proud of what we have already accomplished and what we are about to do. For better, we’re here to stay. We hope everyone had a brilliant time at the gala and let the games continue!


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