The Foundation

Creating a solid foundation for any brand is important. We based NAMIDA on four distinct company values, guidelines to follow on our journey. We have big plans for this year but to establish our goals clearly, we wanted to define ourselves first. Namida Diamond Factory Ltd. comes equipped with a brand image, a vision, a mission and values that suit the company’s profile. The NAMIDA brand encompasses four color-coded core functions, each with their own slogan. In this blog post, we’re going to dive into the deeper meaning behind the colors and the words we associate with them.

The values of NamidaCEO Daniel lays out Namida’s four core values to visitors of IGDA’s Game Day event in Oulu, Finland.


This sums up the spirit of our company and what we are: a vitalizing force to rejuvenate the game industry. We have made great changes and have been empowered with fresh energy, willpower and a powerful emotional link towards all our endeavors.

Red symbolizes all this because it is the color of deep emotion, passion and love, things we want to evoke in people through our actions.


We want our company to create brilliant games by polishing them closer and closer towards perfection. This way of thinking applies to everything we set out to do. Our products stand for high quality, attractive design, reliability and uncompromising will to create diamonds.

Blue is the color of the sky, the only limit for our top notch games.


People are the key element of our operation. Whether it be gamers or our own employees, each one of us has a distinct role to play. Together, we are able to pool our unique resources together and develop internationally successful games.

The yellow color symbolizes creativity, happiness, light and warmth that comes from the joy of cooperation.


We presented the game industry a brand new operational model that will change the nature of designing and producing games. By merging two startups into a seasoned corporation, we have created a company that is greater than the sum of its parts and can make our wildest dreams into reality. Now, we are empowered with diverse experience, bold vision and the vitality of startup culture.

Green is the color of our constantly reforming and developing company.

Namida Diamond Factory Ltd. brand values

So there you go, these are the values that light Namida’s path. Our values remind us where we came from, why we are here, and where we want to go. We hope you too will share in our success story and enjoy the ride. Game on.